Lana Del Rey’s set is cut short after showing up late; greeted by boos – The New Indian Express

Lana Del Rey’s set is cut short after showing up late; greeted by boos – The New Indian Express

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Lana Del Rey’s highly-anticipated Glastonbury set hit the headlines before she even travelled to Worthy Farm.

And, after her gig last night, the 38-year-old’s performance has continued to dominate the Twitter-sphere and those visiting Glastonbury this weekend as she arrived on stage 30-minutes late and was cut off midway through her set, according to The Mirror UK.

The American singer-songwriter had a war of words with the popular festival’s organisers in the lead-up to the big weekend.

Lana appeared to be angered when she spotted a ‘mix-up’ with the line-up announcement. The original line-up post listed Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, Elton John and Lizzo before listing the remaining acts in alphabetical order. Lana’s name was below more than 20 other acts and the singer complained the poster failed to recognise she was headlining the Other Stage.

Blue Jeans singer Lana was due to take to The Other Stage and perform her headline set at 10.30 pm. 

Eager crowds began to gather around the performance area to watch the singer – but festival-goers began to grow impatient when he didn’t show up on time. Fans even threatened to leave if she didn’t show up within good time – but she made her audience wait and appeared on stage after a whopping 30 minutes which resulted in the crowd greeting her with boos.

Lana grovelled to festival-goers as she appeared on stage: “I’m so f**king late that I am about to rush this set today.

Midway through the set Lana was filmed having her hair done as a stylist came onto the stage to change her locks as she continued to perform.

According to The Guardian, Del Rey’s microphone and video screens were then suddenly switched off as she fell to her knees and removed her in-ear monitors.

The abrupt end came just an hour after she walked on stage for one of the most highly anticipated performances of the weekend before a crowd of tens of thousands.

Del Rey then climbed down from the stage barefoot to sing an impromptu a cappella version of Summertime Sadness to fans close enough to be able to hear her.

However, the curtailed set left many fans disappointed.

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