A ruinous good time

Interestingly, ruin pubs have a short history—they are only two decades old. In the 20th century, Budapest’s Jewish Quarter was the site of a Jewish […]

The Temple Scientists

Back to the roots’ is the ethos of Ezha, which in Malayalam means ‘thread’. Three women conservation architects Swathy Subramanian, Savita Rajan and Ritu Sara […]

Travellers Without Borders

The Northeast of India, and its neighbour Myanmar aka Burma is knitted with secret forest routes and sprawling grasslands. Borders did not exist until British […]

Realm of thrones

Egypt’s illustrious history is the protagonist in a one-of-a-kind drama that unfolds within the thick walls of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Centrally located on […]

Up above the world so high

Taking a walk means diffrent things in different places. Insta Reels show off the thrill of climbing creaky ladders along the Mawryngkhang Bamboo Trail in […]

Village of healing

A sunflower field catches your eye as you drive towards Shilimb village in Maharashtra. The vibrant yellow of the flowers, swaying in the breeze, soaking […]