Bikers riding motorcycles with noisy exhausts made to replace exhaust at the police station

Over 60 motorcycle riders who flouted the law on noisy exhausts were made to replace the exhaust at the station. This was at the mass inspection of motorcycles seized after a two-day operation in the capital city on December 16 and 17.

During the inspection on December 21, riders with noisy exhausts were made to replace the units with legal exhausts before they could settle the summons and have the vehicle released. This included motorcycles where the rear brake is removed to save weight, reports local daily Kosmo.

According to ACP Sarifudin Mohd Salleh, head of JSPT KL, police asked for the co-operation of the Road Transport Department to determine if the seized motorcycles were road worthy. “They (the riders) have to return the motorcycle exhaust to stock condition before the motorcycle is released,” said Sarifudin.

Sarifudin added police would also be cracking down on a worrying trend amongst rempit, or motorcycle hooligans, to remove the rear brake on their bikes. “They do this to reduce weight on the motorcycle and attain higher speeds,” he said.

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