What is more than bare minimum in a relationship?

What is more than bare minimum in a relationship?

Bare minimum in a relationship does not fulfill the connection and intimacy required in a relationship. When two people go beyond the bare minimums and work together in putting more effort to fulfill the depth and intimacy, it becomes a healthy and happy relationship. “Beyond the basics is the opportunity to create a more nuanced and satisfying experience for both partners. This extra effort becomes the cornerstone for long-term satisfaction and is crucial for building and maintaining trust. As relationships inevitably face challenges and changes, actively going above the minimum requirement helps keep the relationship healthy,” wrote Therapist Israa Nasir. She further noted down the things that are more than bare minimum in a relationship.

What is more than bare minimum in a relationship?(Unsplash)

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Building trust: Avoiding betrayal and negative emotions are important in a relationship – however, actively working together in building trust in the relationship helps us to feel seen and heard.

Expressing appreciation: A small appreciation goes a long way, and instead of just feeling appreciated, we should make an effort to express appreciation.

Active interest: We should take interest in each other’s hobbies and passion to understand the person better. This will also help with spending more time together and exchanging ideas.

Being vulnerable: Showing vulnerability helps in developing deeper emotional connection and intimacy. It also helps in building more trust with the other person.

Active listening: Spending time together is important in a relationship, but we should also learn to be more present and be an active listener.

Genuine apologies: Instead of trying to avoid disagreements and conflicts, we should learn to genuinely apologise and own our mistakes.

Curiosity: Genuine curiosity about each other helps us to become more open-minded and accept each other as we are.

Supporting growth: We should create a healthy space in the relationship so that we can grow, both individually and together.


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