These Heavy-Duty Support Orthotic Insoles Are 30% Off

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It’s a painful discovery to find that the new pair of “comfortable” shoes you just bought don’t offer the level of support you need and are hurting your feet after a long day. Custom orthotics are always an option, but those can be costly and time consuming. Instead, reviewers are opting for these easily available inserts that many claim are incredibly supportive, pain-reliving and the “best inserts” they’ve ever purchased — and you can grab a pair for yourself for 30% off right now at Amazon.

Using both an external arch support pad and a unique metatarsal pad, these insoles are designed to deliver strong high-arch reinforcement that can promote better alignment and offer pain relief, including ball-of-foot pain.

Additionally, the deep U-shaped heel cup may offer better stability and reduce the impact of the heel on the ground thanks to the shock absorbing material used throughout the cushioned insert.

Available in sizes for both men (4-13.5) and women (6-15.5), the Vasole inserts are backed with some truly convincing testimonies, including from nurses who stood for 10 plus hours only to find that they shockingly had no pain at the end of the day. You can read more promising reviews down below or save 30% on these insoles that may finally offer the kind of foot support you’re after.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“My husband works long shifts (12hrs) at a chemical plant and he always has a set of these in his boot and an extra set for emergencies. He has tried a few different types but this is his favorite. He recommends them to everyone at his plant. As a nurse I am on my feet all the time. I came home one day complaining about my feet. He instantly went to his extra pair, cut them to my shoe size, and placed them into my shoe without telling me. The next morning to my surprise I found my shoes to be much more comfortable. After a 10 hr shift I had no pain in my feet, calves, or back. By this time he had already ordered another extra pair for himself and me. They fit all shoes. They last quite some time. They are a great value for your money and work just as well if not better then the expensive ones they try to sell you on boot trucks or shoe stores!” — Kristen&Steve

“I can’t believe how well these work. I didn’t have high expectations because it seems inserts never work in the ways you need them to or in the ways they claim. Except for these. They’re perfect! So supportive. My hip pain went away because I have support now in my shoes. They fit perfectly too, I didn’t have to cut them to size. Just follow the fitting guide. Highly recommend!” — Heather

“I recently bought a pair of these Valsole Orthotic Inserts hoping they would help with my arch support in my shoe. I have a high arch and was hoping these would greatly help my foot. Much to my surprise they are the best inserts I have ever purchased. I also read that they could be returned if they didn’t fit right, even after you cut them to fit your shoe, so that was one of the selling points, too, of these inserts. I could tell the moment I tried them on that they would work just fine. I took the inserts that came with the shoes out, and these slid right in and fit perfectly in my shoe. There was some timed sale going on at the time, which caught my eye, so I decided to buy these and give them a try. I will be buying more of these as needed for shoes that don’t have enough arch support.” — Rose

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