Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Our Verdict

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Our Verdict

Our Final Verdict

We give Pet Remedy’s Kitten Calming Kit a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Uses: 5/5

Ingredients: 4.75/5

Scent: 5/5

If you’re looking for a natural way to bring more peace to your house that is safe and effective for all the furry and feathery inhabitants inside, I highly recommend looking into Pet Remedy.

This UK-based company has a long line of products made with natural essential oils that have been scientifically proven to help animals of all kinds relax. Their product line includes everything from plug-in diffusers and sprays to shampoos and leave-in conditioners. Each is made with only safe and natural essential oils like valerian and clary sage, which influence neurotransmitter function to increase a sense of peace and calm.

Pet Remedy also offers pre-bundled kits that include all the best products for your bird, horse, kitten, or puppy.

I had the opportunity to try their Kitten Calming Kit on my rambunctious and, often, naughty six-month-old rescue kitten, Makoa. Not only did these great-smelling products help him find some zen, but they also worked wonders to encourage more calm during his neuter recovery.

Keep reading to find out how Pet Remedy products work and what you can expect from their calming kits in my full Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit review, below.

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About Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit

Pet Remedy is a natural pet product company that has been operating out of England for over a decade. Their products have won numerous awards and have thousands of positive reviews online.

All of their products are focused on helping cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, birds, and other pets live a happier, more stress-free life. Their flagship line includes sprays, diffusers, and wipes infused with powerful essential oils to help pets calm down.

Pet Remedy also has shampoos and other grooming supplies infused with their patented blend of essential oils to make bath time a more relaxing experience. In addition to these products, they have some fun toys and essentials to help keep boredom at bay and increase a sense of happiness.

Which Type of Pet Is Pet Remedy Best Suited For?

Pet Remedy’s extensive line includes products for just about every pet out there, including reptiles and birds. Their essential oil-based products are safe to use in multi-pet households and all contain the same base ingredients.

Pet Remedy is a great option for young pets who need help transitioning into a new home and forming healthy, happy attachments to new owners. They are also really well-suited for nervous or anxious pets, whether this behavior is related to a specific stressful event or is a chronic issue.

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Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - product contents

Here’s an overview of the Kitten Calming Kit from Pet Remedy. We’ll discuss what’s included in this bundle, the active ingredients in the calming products, how it works, and how best to put it to use.

What’s Included

The Kitten Calming Kit includes three products all geared toward helping your kitten stay calm in different situations.

  • Calming Spray – Small spray bottle you can use on bedding, toys, kennels, and more.
  • Calming Wipes – Wet wipes infused with calming oils you can use to wipe down your pet or to place in their favorite bed or inside their cage or crate.
  • Plug-In Diffuser – Diffuses calming scents through your home to help promote an overall sense of relaxation.

These three products are chosen specifically for their usefulness for cats. But they can also be used to help other types of pets find some calm.


Each Pet Remedy product features four main essential oil ingredients that help your pet calm down without sedating them.

  • Valerian Oil – Sourced from Eastern Europe, this oil has long been used to promote better sleep and relaxation. This is the main ingredient and is included in higher quantities than the other oils
  • Vetiver – This oil is sourced from Indonesia and has long been used for its calming properties and as a fragrance.
  • Sweet Basil – Sourced from Europe, this oil is celebrated for its sweet fragrance and aromatic calming properties.
  • Clary Sage – This essential oil has many noted medicinal uses, including stress relief. It is sourced from France.

These ingredients are mixed in concentrations that are safe for pets and that help promote calm without sedation.

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - spraying the calming spray

How Does It Work?

While all the ingredients in Pet Remedy calming oil help pets relax, it’s the valerian oil that has the greatest effect. That’s because it contains a long list of compounds that are thought to affect the neurological pathways in the brain.

Valerenic acid, isovaleric acid, valerenal, and valerenol are all well-studied compounds for promoting relaxation. They have been shown to inhibit the breakdown of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps slow down brain function to control stress reactions and calm the body.

Additionally, valerian oil contains GABA. This naturally occurring compound works alongside the brain’s own GABA to have an instant calming effect.

Unlike other pet calming products that contain valerian, this one has a lower concentration of this powerful ingredient. This allows it to have a noticeable calming effect without making the pet too tired or groggy. This also makes it safer for sensitive animals like cats and birds.

How to Use It

The great thing about the Kitten Calming Kit is that it comes with three products that are useful in different situations.

The diffuser is great for in-home use. I put mine next to Makoa’s cat tower where he typically sleeps. After his neuter surgery, I put it in the laundry room where he had to be locked up for the first few days.

The spray is highly useful in the house and on the road. I used mine to spray Makoa’s beds throughout the house and for his carrier when we went to the vet. The spray is so gentle and safe that you can even spray your pet with it so they can carry the calm with them.

This is also the idea behind the calming wipes. These wet wipes are made to wipe down your cat’s paws, chin, and chest. This is another great product to use to keep your pet calm when you are out of the house.

You can also place the wipes in the carrier or in bed with your cat for lasting calm.

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - plug-in diffuser

In Summary


  • Effective
  • Works fast
  • Easy to use
  • Very safe
  • Works in a variety of situations
  • Works for many different pets


  • Using more does not have a greater effect
  • Noticeable scent (though pleasant)
  • Spray bottle is small

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Key Features

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - cat sniffing the product box

Three Great Products

By opting for the Kitten Calming Kit, you get three great products in one discounted bundle. Having calming wipes, spray, and a diffuser on hand makes it easier to keep your kitty calm in the house, in the car, at the vet, and everywhere in between. Best of all, bundling this way will save you over $10 compared to buying each product separately.

Works Fast

This potent combination of essential oils works fast to help your kitty calm down. This makes it especially useful for stressful events that you may not have anticipated, such as fireworks, emergency trips to the vet, or unannounced visitors. In my experience, the spray had a noticeable effect within five minutes of using it.

Great Scent

Whether or not something smells good to a person obviously depends on the person. But I will say that I love the smell of these products. The combination of musky vetiver, sweet basil, and lemony clary sage has a very pleasant scent that isn’t overwhelming.

If you like earthy or musky colognes, you’ll probably appreciate the smell of these products. If you don’t, these products are still worth using, just be mindful about where you place the diffuser. It releases a noticeable scent that you can smell easily within about five feet of the outlet.

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Is the Kitten Calming Kit a Good Value?

Considering all you get in the Kitten Calming Kit, I believe it is worth the price. All these products are highly effective and highly useful. Plus, by bundling them together, you save over $10.

While the wipes and spray won’t last you too long if you use them often, the diffuser lasts two months. And refills for it are fairly well priced.

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - cat sitting next to the box

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Does Pet Remedy help with travel?

Yes! Using Pet Remedy products when traveling in the car or by plane will help your pet stay relaxed. The spray and wipes are especially effective when you’re on the road.

Does Pet Remedy help with separation anxiety?

Pet Remedy products, especially the diffuser, can be very helpful for helping your pet cope with separation anxiety. Plug the diffuser in where your pet typically hangs out while you’re away or near their crate. The scent will help promote a sense of calm and slow nerve action in the brain to reduce stress reactions.

How much do I use?

It only takes a few sprays or a couple of wipes of the calming wipes to have an effect on your cat. The effects will be noticeable for 2 to 6 hours, depending on the individual pet. Reapply as needed.

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Our Experience With Pet Remedy’s Kitten Calming Kit

I have tested out a number of calming products recently in a bid to bring some calm to my crazy kitten, Makoa.

I found Makoa when he was just 5 weeks old. He was wandering down the center of a busy road blind because his eyes were caked over with infection. He was skin and bones and covered in fleas.

It took some time to nurse him back to health, but now that he is a strong, healthy six-month-old, he is all energy. It’s not that he is anxious or stressed, but he is certainly active. And that energy often ramps up to the point that he plays way too rough and gets destructive, especially around the furniture.

I was very excited about trying the Pet Remedy diffuser, especially, since it boasts consistent calming effects all day. I knew the other products in the bundle would also come in handy with his upcoming neuter.

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - makoa sitting in the pet carrier with calming wipes

Kitten Calming Kit Effects

The first thing I always do when I get a product is take some photos of it with my pet. For this review, that required using the spray and wipes on Makoa to demonstrate how they work. While he was less than cooperative with this at first, it wasn’t long before he started to get noticeably calmer.

By the time I had finished my photos, he was passed out in the bed I had used the spray on. I couldn’t believe how quickly the products seemed to take effect!

I continued using the diffuser in the outlet near that bed for a week or so afterward. Makoa seemed to gravitate to that spot to sleep more often than he did before. Those first few nights after plugging in the diffuser, he also seemed generally happier and more cuddly.

When it was time to bring him to the vet for his neuter, I used the spray in his career to keep him calm in the carrier. I also used the wipes on his face and paws so he could bring some calm with him when the vet took him back to his cage.

I can’t say how well they worked after the car ride, but he certainly seemed more chill than normal on the way to the vet.

Where the kit really came in handy, though, was after I picked him up.

He wasn’t groggy at all from the anesthesia. In fact, he was bouncing off the walls the second we got home. Not a good thing considering the vet didn’t even want him walking up stairs for a week after the procedure.

So it was straight to the laundry room with his Pet Remedy diffuser and a nice comfy bed. It wasn’t long until he started to calm down. It truly was a lifesaver!

Pet Remedy Kitten Calming Kit - natural calming spray on cat tree

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Overall, I was very impressed with how effective Pet Remedy’s Kitten Calming Kit was on my rowdy kitty.

All three products proved useful for keeping my cat calmer at home and in the car. And they really did make a difference in helping him stay quieter and more relaxed while he was recovering from his neuter. I was most impressed with how fast the products work and how easy they are to use.

For anxious or just plain crazy kittens, I highly recommend picking up this kit from Pet Remedy. Even for less anxious cats, you never know when it’s going to come in handy.


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