Perodua Myvi, Bezza, Toyota shipments affected in latest Daihatsu safety test irregularities case update?

Daihatsu announced today that it will temporarily suspend shipments of all vehicles it developed that are currently being produced in Japan as well as overseas markets. This comes after the automaker submitted a report by an independent panel to Japan’s ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism (MLIT) as well as ministry of economy, trade and industry (METI).

The independent panel had been investigating a scandal over the rigging of safety tests by Daihatsu, which was brought to light in April this year. At the time, the company admitted “wrongdoings” in particular crash safety tests done for regulatory approval applications for four models. Over 88,000 units were affected, with the focus point being door trim that did not meet safety standards in a side impact test

Later in May, Daihatsu announced it had found irregularities in the certification procedures for the side impact collision tests involving the hybrid versions of the Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize. With the aforementioned report now out, the company says it has found even more irregularities in its certification applications.

Perodua Myvi, Bezza, Toyota shipments affected in latest Daihatsu safety test irregularities case update?

In an official press release (translated from Japanese), the company said, “as a result of the investigation, in addition to the door trim fraud in April and the pole side collision test fraud in May, it was discovered that there were 174 new irregularities in 25 test items.”

The company confirmed that 64 models and three engines are affected, including those currently in production or development as well as discontinued ones. The range of affected models cover those sold under the Daihatsu brand and those supplied on an OEM basis to Toyota, Mazda and Subaru.

A list of said models accompanying the release included several Perodua cars, namely the first-generation Axia, second-generation Axia, Aruz, second-generation Alza, Ativa, Myvi and Bezza. Toyota models listed of relevance to our market are the Rush, Yaris, Vios and Veloz.

Perodua Myvi, Bezza, Toyota shipments affected in latest Daihatsu safety test irregularities case update?

The root cause of the fraud, according to the independent panel, was “a management problem that promoted short-term development without taking measures to deal with the fraud,” read the release.

It continues: “The background to this fraud is that the management team did not fully grasp the actual situation on the ground, and only responded on an ad hoc basis. We believe that the burden has been overlooked and we have left an environment where workers are unable to speak up when they have a problem.”

“We deeply apologise for betraying the trust of our customers and other stakeholders, and for causing them great inconvenience and concern,” Daihatsu said in its release.

It went on to say, “going forward, based on the recommendations of the third-party committee, we will take thorough measures to prevent recurrence, and will not only review our certification operations, but also work on fundamental reforms to our corporate culture that prioritise compliance awareness.”

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