Korean Cultural Centre India to organise ‘All India K-POP Contest 2024’ from May 17

Jeon Hong Ju, MD LG Electronics, said the response for the contest last year was overwhelming and they are expecting a remarkable response this year too.

“We are proud to collaborate with Korean Cultural Centre India to launch the All India K-POP Contest 2024,” he said of the competition which is in its 14th year.

The KCCI event also saw a presentation of the growing cultural exchange between India and South Korea, a performance of ‘Samulnori’, traditional Korean instrumental performance, a Taekwondo performance as well as a K-pop cover dance.

According to KCCI, the demand for learning the Korean language has also increased.

There has been a significant increase in the number of students enrolled in Korean language classes, which grew from 1,535 in 20 schools last year to 2,572 students in 32 schools this year.

“Korean is one of the fastest-growing foreign languages in India, and the demand to study the language has constantly been on the rise.

Both Taekwondo and Korean language classes in Indian schools will further expand opportunities for students to experience Korean culture and will become a starting point for achieving their dreams,” Hwang Il Yong said.

Last year, 11,071 teams — the highest ever — participated in the showpiece event, which brings together K-pop enthusiasts from across India.

According to Park Seung Tae, deputy director, Korea Tourism Organisation, India Office, there is an increased interest in exploring South Korea as a tourist destination.

“K-Pop and K-dramas are really getting bigger here.

I see that as an opportunity to say that South Korea is more than that.

It has a long history, not as long as India but I hope Indians get to discover that,” he said.

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