shiba inu: Is Shiba Inu Dead? SHIB underperforms Dogecoin, Pepe, Bonk – best meme coins to buy now

shiba inu: Is Shiba Inu Dead? SHIB underperforms Dogecoin, Pepe, Bonk – best meme coins to buy now
After an unprecedented performance in 2021, the Shiba Inu community has been mainly left disappointed at the asset’s low relative strength compared to newer, more trending meme coins.

Some of those already outperforming SHIB include Dogecoin, Pepe, and Bonk. Meanwhile, emerging meme cryptos like Meme Kombat and Wall Street Memes looked primed to gain ground on SHIB in the coming weeks.

SHIB struggles while other meme coins excel
Despite various efforts to advance its ecosystem and tokenomics, Shiba Inu’s price has seen no avail, currently down over 7.4% in the last year.

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It saw a brief rise in early 2023, but then experienced a dip alongside the rest of the market. However, as other meme coins experienced a substantial recovery, Shiba Inu has continued to consolidate around its bear market lows.

While it has somewhat recovered in the last month, up 13%, this is significantly overshadowed by other meme coin projects.

Starting with Dogecoin, its price is up over 28% in the last month, providing traders with over 2x more gains than Shiba Inu.

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While DOGE’s price remains down 14% this year, its recent pump shows investors opting for the market leader over Shiba Inu. However, Dogecoin is not the only project degen traders are turning to.

Another is the infamous bear market sensation – Pepe. When all hope seemed lost in April and May this year, Pepe exploded onto the scene, reaching a $1.8 billion market cap within one month.

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Following this, the project seemingly lost momentum. Still, a recent meteoric trajectory has propelled it over 100% since October and 23% in the last month, potentially marking the beginning of another unforgettable rise.However, the newer, shinier, and Solana-based project, Bonk, has considerably outpaced all the above-mentioned projects. While the project originated in December 2022, its rise came amid the recent Solana pump beginning in September.

The project is quickly gaining ground on Pepe. It holds a $330 million market cap, up 690% in the last week and over 3,000% since October.

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Its rise has catapulted it to the CoinMarketCap trending list several times, illustrating the power of the “next big thing” or “shiny object syndrome” within the meme coin market.

With this in mind, the most likely candidate to experience such parabolic gains is unlikely to be one already mentioned on this list. Instead, it will be an emerging project that offers a new narrative that traders can rally behind.
Meme Kombat
Meme Kombat is a newly launched meme coin currently undergoing a presale. This means investors can get in from the ground up at its lowest price.

The reason Meme Kombat could be next to pump is that it is a compelling blend between a meme coin and gambling token. This taps into two audiences, expanding its upside potential while creating a unique, one-of-a-kind use case.

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Meme Kombat lets users gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. Users require the $MK token to bet, providing a solid demand stream that could help bolster its price.

It also boasts a staking feature, currently offering a 355% APY. Presale buyers can begin staking immediately but they must hurry as the APY decreases as the staking pool grows.

The project has generated immense excitement among investors, analysts, and media outlets. It has raised upwards of $2.4 million in two months and received impressive predictions from top influencers.

YouTuber Crypto Boy recently speculated it could be 100x after its initial exchange offering (IEO).

Furthermore, renowned media outlets like Cointelegraph, Crypto News, BeInCrypto, and CryptoPotato have all endorsed the project, increasing its hype and likelihood of exploding after its exchange launch.

The current $MK price is $0.225, but this is set to increase to $0.235 in two days.

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Wall Street Memes
Another strong candidate for the next meme coin explosion is Wall Street Memes. The project underwent a massively successful presale earlier this year, raising over $25 million in four months.

Since then, it launched on exchanges, surging 3x from its presale price. However, as presale buyers locked in profits, the price has pulled back, providing investors another chance to buy before a potential bull market rally.

One TradingView analyst, BartCr, recently published a chart idea, predicting $WSM could surge above $0.34 after recently breaking its trend line resistance.

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Momentum has started shifting for Wall Street Memes, with its trading volume increasing by 265% in the last 24 hours.

It holds a $44 million market cap, providing significant room for growth to catch the more established meme coins.

However, this does not take away from the project’s accolades. It boasts over one million followers across all social media channels, and Elon Musk has engaged with its X account several times. These factors are central components of the project’s promising narrative.

Meanwhile, the team has integrated real utility through a cutting-edge crypto casino. The platform is live, enabling users to gamble on hundreds of games and sportsbook events. Furthermore, the $WSM token provides significant benefits, helping bolster the token’s demand.

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