Poll guarantees: Congress govt kicks off campaign to identify beneficiaries

Poll guarantees: Congress govt kicks off campaign to identify beneficiaries

Kicking off the process to implement the poll guarantees, the Congress government in Telangana is launching an eight-day campaign across the State to identify beneficieries.

Of the ‘six guarantees’ that it promised during the poll campaign, the government had already launched one – free bus service for women.

“To implement the other five promises, we are going to launch an eight drive beginning December 28,” Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has said.

The government will set up counters in villages to collect forms from the prospective beneficieries. It introduced a common application for all the schemes, making it easier for people to key in the data.

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The five promises are Mahalakshmi, Rythu Bharosa, Gruha Jyothi and Cheyuta, targeting women, farmers and those who don’t own houses.

Launching the campaign material for the programme and the common application form, he said that the grama sabhas (village level committees) would collect the forms and forward them to the government for vetting,” he said.

Addressing a review meeting on Wednesday, the Chief Minister alleged that the KCR government left the State debtridden, starving it of funds.

“We have asked the Union Government to honour all the promises made to the State at the time of bifurcating Andhra Pradesh in 2014,” he said.


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