Planning to get engaged? Here are essential questions you must ask your partner

The grand Indian wedding season is in full swing, with the melodious beats of the baraat filling the air and social media flooded with adorable pictures capturing the joyous marriage festivities. Starting the process of becoming engaged is a huge step that is exciting and full of expectations. By the time you and your partner decide to become engaged, you might believe you have everything figured out about one another. However, there are still many topics that couples ought to talk about but occasionally neglect to do so until after they walk down the aisle.

Planning to get engaged? Here are essential questions you must ask your partner(Unsplash/Andre Jackson)

Engaging in deep dialogue with your partner is crucial prior to making this big move. By posing the appropriate questions, you may increase mutual understanding, solidify your relationship, and make sure your shared future vision is one that you both agree upon. (Also read: 4 essential truths about love, partnership and marriage: Therapist explains )

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Questions to discuss before getting engaged

Talia Koren, a popular dating coach, often took to her Instagram platform to share invaluable insights about the dating world. In her recent post, she shared a list of crucial questions to ask your partner before getting engaged.

  • Why get married?
  • What does marriage mean to us?
  • What timeline do we envision?
  • What kind of wedding would we want?
  • How often will we go on trips/vacation?
  • How often do we expect to have sex?
  • How much alone time do we each need??
  • How will we manage household chores?
  • Do we want kids? If so, when?
  • How will we handle holidays?
  • How will we handle ongoing conflict?
  • When will we get another dog?
  • How do we want to manage money?
  • What are the grounds for divorce?
  • How do we define infidelity?
  • How will we cover medical costs?
  • What happens if one of us becomes disabled or very ill?
  • How would we deal with infertility?
  • Are we okay with getting a prenup?
  • Where do we want to live long-term?
  • When do we want to retire?
  • How much money do we need to retire
  • Are we open to couples therapy?
  • How do we see religion fitting in?
  • What if one of us gets into debt?
  • What happens if one of us loses work?

“These are great to discuss when you feel that the relationship is heading toward a more serious commitment and you’ve been together long enough to know you want to be in it for the long haul. It’s important to note that these questions don’t need to be posed all at once; rather, they can be approached gradually and organically. Remember, it’s not about conducting an interrogation, but rather fostering open and ongoing conversations that allow both partners to comfortably explore these important topics,” says Talia.

She added, “Ask these questions on a long drive, walk, hike or bring one or two to date night to talk about. If this is someone you’re potentially going to marry, it should feel comfortable bringing up whatever you want to talk about when you’re being present with each other. These are in-person conversations and even though they’re serious, they can be fun to get into.”

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