Motorcycle crashes into person at toll plaza – use the correct lane, and slow down for potential hazards

Man versus machine may sound like a documentary title, but when observed as a road traffic incident the outcome is nearly always disastrous, as depicted here in an instance of a motorcyclist colliding with highway security personnel.

Dashcam footage posted to X/Twitter shows the camera vehicle going through the toll plaza in the far left lane, which is meant for trucks and other oversized vehicles. As the camera vehicle approaches, a security staff member, seen on camera in the white shirt and high-visibility vest, is seen waiting for the camera vehicle to stop before crossing the lane.

The security personnel is seen to stop in his path, past the camera vehicle but still yet to reach the road shoulder as he sights oncoming traffic, which is the oncoming motorcyclist. Hesitation can be seen in that brief moment, when the security personnel does not know which way to evade.

The oncoming motorcyclist inevitably collides with the security personnel, sending both persons to the ground. The crashed motorcyclist was followed by several other motorcyclists along the same path, indicating that the use of the car lane is common practice.

As the security staff attempts to get back on his feet, the crashed motorcyclist tries to do the same, but collapses again from the apparent buckling of his right leg, an injury that would have been sustained in the crash.

Most toll plazas along highways will have a dedicated motorcycle lane that goes around the back of the toll plaza building, which is designed to prevent car-and-bike conflicts as these areas are where the entry and exit paths to the building are located. Often, some motorcyclists choose to take one of the car lanes instead to shorten their path, especially when the motorcycle lane takes a longer detour around the toll plaza building.

The danger, and the outcome that can result from it speaks for itself here. That said, there are times when the motorcycle lane is closed for maintenance or repair works, and motorcyclists will be diverted to a temporary lane alongside cars, though highway operators will place barriers when this is required. When cars and bikes are in closer proximity like this, slower is safer, and only go as fast as you can confidently stop from.

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