LRT Bukit Jalil 25% discount and free shuttle bus for ‘Setahun Bersama Kerajaan Madani’ event, Dec 8-10

The Setahun Bersama Kerajaan Madani (One-year with the Madani government) event will be held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium from today till Sunday, December 8-10. If you’re going, the best way is via LRT, just like with concerts and football matches at the stadium.

The carrot is a 25% discount for trips to and from the LRT Bukit Jalil station, valid for Touch n Go cards and tokens, but excluding those using travel passes and concession cards.

There will also be free shuttle buses to and from the LRT station. The buses go to the multi-level carpark at Mranti Park, Astro (visitor entrance), Pavilion Bukit Jalil and Endah Parade in Sri Petaling. Operation hours are from 7am to 6pm today, 7am to 11.30 pm on Saturday and 7pm to 8pm on Sunday. Ten buses have been allocated for this purpose.

Prasarana is reminding the public to follow etiquette when taking public transport, including not eating and drinking in trains and buses. Touch n Go users are encouraged to have at least RM10 credit in their cards for a smooth journey.

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